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BBuilding a Next.js static website based on Airtable

09.05.20202 Min Read — In Next.js

The Next.js team is continuously delivering killer features. The getStaticProps function is one of them (available from Next.js 9.3). It is only run at build time , contrary to getInitialProps…

CCreating a nice loading button with React Hooks

31.07.20193 Min Read — In React

Buttons are basic components that are found everywhere, from web apps to simple web static pages, but doing them properly is hard , from user-intuitive styling to accessibility, which is out of the…

UUltimate debugging techniques

25.01.20192 Min Read — In Tips

Ever had a code issue with some kind of unexplainable, mysterious or mystic behavior? The one that keeps you at your desk for hours and gives you headaches? I sure have! Throughout my (humble…

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